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Resume: Abbe Buck Hann, Federal Business Development, Capture Manager $50 Million+ Sales

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Abbe Buck Hann
PO Box 147,Haymarket, VA 20168-0147
Office: 1-800-380-2825
Mobile: (703) 753-4100
Linked-in Profile:
Twitter: @highviz_pr @abbebuck

Career Summary

Over 15 years of experience managing various projects in the Federal Government and Private Commercial Sector; Project Management to developing Business for each project from $500,00 to $500 Million

· Valuable experience with a wide range of service providers, traditional government contractors and top lobbying/law firms as President and Principal Consultant of HighViz Consulting Group, and as Capture and Proposal Manager for Shipley Associates

· Developed key relationships and teaming agreements with federal prime government contractors streamlining their processes to go after large federal business, securing several wins for clients, from $6 Million (EPA for Information Experts), $40 Million (HHS CMS for ASSYST) to $50 Billion Dollar GWAC (ALLIANT for BearingPoint)

· Led Capture effort for $40 Million Dollar HHS CMS and potential $20 MM BRAC OASISS contract efforts for ASSYST, Inc., $500 Million + NETCENTS 2 for ATSC, Inc. IIT’s JIEDDO and DRS’ R23G Recompete (for Shipley).

· Direct Sales: Sold 150,000 license for several consecutive years to DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) for IBM

· Full procurement knowledge, including GAO, FAR, NISPOM; Expertise in Bid – No Bid Capture scenarios; reviewing and responding to RFI’s RFP's, RFQ's, SOW's, SOC's, BPAs. Facilitation of GSA Schedules (66, 70, 53)

· Solid involvement in the execution of a sales business model, designing business and marketing plans

· Worked with various agencies such as DOD, US Army, USAF, DOS, Social Security, Intelligence Agencies (NSA’s ARC), National Institute of Health and the Department of Homeland Security.

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Professional Experience

HighViz Consulting Group (McLean, VA)

August 1999 – Present

Principal Consultant, Project Management Leader, Director Business Development, Capture Manager

Founded Start-up Company to facilitate market and promote Information technology, marketing and industrial small business corporations within Federal Government agencies, for and within selected large (‘prime”) contractors and legal entities.

Performed duties as major federal government business development manager and federal facilitator

Worked on major “capture” tactics and complete sales strategies for small and large business in commercial marketplace and within government contracting, working within the following agencies:

Defense: US Army AKO, (converging to Defense Knowledge Online), US Army CECOM, US Army CIO (G-6), FORSCOM (Forces Command) TRADOC (Training Commands) , DOIMS Nationwide, PEO EIS; Office of Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army; US Air Force 754TH USAF CIO Office, USN NCMS, OPNAV (Naval Operations) DISA Computer Services, DISN, DISA CIO

Intelligence: National Security Agency (X-44, ARC, Languages/Salt Lake City), Central Intelligence Agency (Office of the CIO, Office of Acquisitions)

Civilian: GSA, (ALLIANT SB for Assyst and Bearing Point, resulting in $50 MM GWAC),Health and Human Services: National Institute Health, NIH/NITAAC (National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition), CIOSP2i Managing NIH BPA, SBA, Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, EPA, Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Labor, Department of Treasury, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior (Bureau of Indian Affairs), World Bank, FDIC, Sallie Mae, Fannie Mae.

Developed strategic alliance “tag teams”, aligning nimble, up and coming organizations with top federal prime contractors including Booz Allen Hamilton, UNISYS, CSC, SAIC, Accenture, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, AT&T, BearingPoint, EDS, CACI, Harris, L-3 Corporation Raytheon, ASSYST, Technica and IBM, working on bid/no bid contract decisions through to completed teaming agreements, executive summary, RFP, color teams resulting in business won from Defense and Civilian agencies.

Client shift to commercial sector: law firms and non-profit entities occurred with IRS Sarbanes Oxley Law Start up (BoardBoost), Native American federal government contracts (Greenberg Traurig, LLP and law firms Cassidy, Akin Gump and Steptoe and Johnson), and 8(a) Federal Contracting (EZ Certify, SourceTec, EZGSA)

Planned and executed complete “Sales/Account Capture” model (IBM), for major software acquisition.

Developed complete marketing and business plans, proposal and project management strategies for customers to secure business.

Worked in a strategic planning capacity incorporating use of Gartner “Magic Quadrant” and Solutions Selling approaches to ‘C’ levels (POAM/Access to Power)

Partial listing of projects under HighViz Consulting Group:

Registered Shipley Consultant Capture Manager - Proposal Manager (2007-2010)

Consulting (January-September, 2009): (DRS – TACOM / Ft. Monmouth), R2-3G Contract recomplete ITT (Army JIEDDO Iraq Task Orders 1 – 4 as Capture Manager, and The Rendon Group, Public Affairs ( Rendon: Supported communications vehicles for Iraqi theater, as Capture Manager; also Shipley training support for Rendon staff, May-June, 2008, January-March, 2009.

Special Mention: Introduced Shipley Method to staff at ITT on Army JIEDDO contracts, DRS for R2-3G and Rendon Group, from initial black hat revues through entire color team approach, gold, pink, blue, red and white glove (final), POTENTIAL $10 -30 Million opportunities.

Advanced Technical Solutions (ATSC) (2007-2008)

Director, Project Development, Defense and Intelligence Agencies.

Making major account recommendations, providing logical solutions from 18 - 24 months futures for opportunities $50 MM and above: including prime or teaming strategies for USMC, US Navy, (Navy CIO), USCG, USAF NETCENTS II: ($7-9 Billion MAC, AF 754th); interface on NETCENTS):, ICE-2 re compete, subcontracting to L-3 Communications): DISA, DLA, DTRA, DIA, OUSDP/OSD directly at IG and PEO/HQ levels. Potential teaming partners for ATSC introduced as BD Director included: SRA, CACI, AT & T, BearingPoint, Oberon, Nav-Star, TAG, Inc., Raytheon, L-3 Corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton, DRC, Nortel, CGI, Pragmatics, Accenture, SAIC.

ASSYST (Advanced Software Systems, Inc.) (2006-2008)

Capture Manager, Project Manager, Business Development

Performed complete Capture and Proposal Management (dual role) on ALLIANT SB GWAC. Led entire contract and capture plan to fruition, client interface, proposal process ($37MM GWAC,December, 2009 ).

As Business Development Manager and Capture Manager, led effort on HHS ESD CMS bid (potential $40MM IDIQ) and for NITTAC (National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition), under Director Colleen Barrows, as ASSYST was responsible for being recognized for winning the bureau’s OD Merit Award, for dual recognition in NIH and DHHS major IT acquisitions for 7+ years within DHHS. Duties included managing DHHS in NITACC Website, which plays a vital role in supporting the three GWAC contracts, two of which are: Electronic Commodity Store (ECS) III: ECS III RFQ system is the flagship of the NITAAC web site; worked with DHHS NIH and Assyst as they increased databases productivity, implemented security protocols to limit access of the information to authorized users.

Worked in Capture capacity with ASSYST’s Army DIHMERS teams, Army BRAC OASISS (FORSCOM II) with SDVOB CSCL ($100 MM year per company: potential $20MM per man year) building teaming relationships with 14 SDVOB Mentor Protégé partners.

IBM Corporation, Rockville, MD (1996-1998)

Defense Sales Representative, Defense and Civilian agencies

Quota: $3 Million Dollars: Yearly Sales resulted in 250% above quota selling 150,000 Lotus Notes license to Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) directly to General David E. Kelley. The sales contract for the licenses ran consecutive years and the software is still being used in FY 2010


University of Illinois, Circle (1980)

B.A.., English (Communications)

George Mason University Program Management Program, (2001)

Shipley Certifications: Capture Management, Proposal Management, Price to Win!

Technical Training in All Microsoft programs, Windows7, MS 2007, SharePoint, Adobe Acrobat 9, Web Content Writing, HTML, Internet launching, content management, proposal layout and preparation. Knowledge in SAP, Oracle, VMWare, Microsoft, IBM.

Solutions Selling Sales Course (through IBM)

Dale Carnegie Sales and Public Speaking (Graduate Instructor)

Miller-Heiman Sales Training

Social Media Expert (Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in)


DoD Secret (Active)


Women in Defense, Ft. Belvoir, (Chairperson, Programs and Events) FIRSTGOV,, AFCEA, AFCEA NOVA Chairperson Publicity (2004-2005), ITAA, Defense and Intelligence Committees, IAC/ACT, APMP, DoD Knowledge Management, KM CoP Users Group, American Management Association, XML User's Group, GSA Federal Government affiliation, DC Webmasters Group, Washington, DC National Executive and Professional Women, Women in Defense, Women in Technology International (WITI), Toastmaster's Club, Society of Singers (Board of Directors, 1999-2001), American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

References and Amplification of Resume available upon request


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Abbe Buck

Key Management Roles:

· Business Analyst

· Business Architecture

· Federal Facilitation

· Requirements Analysis

· Client Management

· Project Planning

· Public Affairs

Working Knowledge:


· Contracts CAS, DCAA

· Oral Proposals

Clearance: Secret (DoD) (Intelligence Agencies)

· Special Skill sets: Subject Matter Expert in Knowledge Management, Web content management

· HTML practices, E CRM Methodology, XML, Java.); Intranet specialist

Capture Manager –Proposal Manager - Project Manager – Client Manager

Abbe Buck has more than 15 years of experience managing various projects in the Commercial Sector and Federal Government with a focus on information technology, manufacturing, retail and legal.

Ms. Buck acted as Lead Strategic Analyst for the Federal Procurement Process for divisions within IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, EDS, CACI, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, Unisys, ITT, DRS, BearingPoint, ATSC and L-3/Titan. She is an excellent strategist, starting from the most tactical phases through to fruition of complete strategic outcomes, using a tested POAM (Plan of Action and Milestones) approach to each endeavor.

Professional Experience

Consultant for Shipley Associates, an LSI Company, 2007-Present:

· Selected to perform in dual roles of Proposal Manager and Capture Manager for strategic Shipley Associates’ clients, including: DRS/TACOM (Proposal Manager role on Army’s R2-32 recompetes Task Order delegation); ITT (Capture Manager for Army JIEDDO) and the Rendon Group (as Capture Manager, major assist in secure win of protest for $30 Million contract of MND-B 3: Iraq Communications / Public Affairs contract)

Consultant for HighViz Consulting Group in McLean, VA (1999-2007)

· Performed various duties as government business analyst and federal facilitator, specializing in Native American law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate facilitation and IT Governance

· Responsible for Requirements Analysis and strategies in Government contracting, working within the following agencies: US Army, Defense Information Systems Agency, Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Air Force CIO Office,: Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, Department of State, Commerce, Labor

Partial listing of projects:

ATSC, Inc.

· As Director, Business Development Defense and Intelligence Agencies, responsible for $50 MM + opportunities for the corporation, acted in Capture Manager role and scoped Bid-No Bid processes for NETCENTS 2 starting phases for corporation (October, 2007) recommending that ATSC not prime effort as large business; had ATS join either CACI, L-3 or SRA as alternative.

· Ran Black Hat review in same role for organization for DTRA proposal opportunity (December, 2007)

· Reorganized the ATSC pipeline, streamlining recommendations for Defense and Intelligence.

ASSYST (Advanced Software Systems, Inc.)

· Obtained the corporation's Top Secret Facility Clearance (Interim)

· Acted as Deputy Facility Security Officer and co-signature capacity, worked on non-disclosure and teaming agreements for ASSYST and CSCL, a Small, Disadvantaged Veteran Owned Business that ASSYST has part-ownership of

Capture Manager and Proposal Manager for the ALLIANT Small Business Contract, a $375M GWAC (Government Wide Acquisitions) Contract

· ALLIANT contract: $37M year over 10 years to corporation

· Performed complete Business and Requirements Analysis, Pre-bid process for (the) Capture and Proposal Management (dual role)

· Led entire contract and capture plan to fruition, client interface and proposal process with knowledge of FAR, DFAR, CAS

Contract Manager for ASSYST’s Army Base Realignment and Closure / Office Staff Augmentation (BRAC / OASISS) contract ($40M contract: $487 MIL IDIQ: True Value: $20M per year, over five years with CSCL, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Mentor Protégé partner: (BRAC OASISS enveloped to FORSCOMM 2)

· Completed business Analysis and established team of 30 business partners, including prime contractors Northrop Grumman, DRC, CACI, L-3, Harris, Digicon and Centec for US ARMY ITES 2 S

Contract Manager under EDS for ITES 2 S Contract, meeting directly with Federal customers and teaming partners to reactivate business on behalf of ASSYST

BoardBoost: BoardBoost™

As Business Architect:

· Advised on working with various boards, including several for profit (commercial and retail, including hotel chain Best Western), and non profit entities, (United Way, American Red Cross, within a 12-18 month period

· Co-authored entire Board-Boost Sarbanes Oxley concept readying for market from an unknown entity for Attorney Morris A. Nunes

· Responsible for producing Nunes’ financial webcasts on TV Worldwide, and fifteen press releases for BoardBoost, as well as the design of the BoardBoost website

Information Experts, Inc.

· As Requirements Analyst:

· Established strategic set-up for $6M three year 8(a) set aside “capture” of sale for EPA Radiation testing contract in 2004

· Responsible for business analysis of corporation’s federal and commercial business models

· Facilitated corporation’s 8(a) status, working directly with top levels of the SBA (Small Business Administration) in order to win ‘sole source contract’ on behalf of client


As Business Analyst:

· Developed metrics and conducted business analysis for $25M pre-acquisition for software package to be purchased by IBM’s WebSphere division, Armonk, NY (Data-Portal/Atlantic Coast Technologies)

· Built corporate website

Agua Caliente, Chitimacha, Chocktaw Native American Tribes: HUBZone and Native American specialist

As Business Analyst

· Developed analysis for law firm for major corporations, focusing on potential tribal employees living on reservations (which are federal historical underutilized and ”HUB” Zones) who can work for retail industry

· Introduced concept of retiring Military Officers considering their own start-up companies after leaving service to United States Army; The ex-officers would bring unique business acumen to Indian Reservations, which as HUBZones, and are eligible for federal set-aside contracts and would hire Native Americans who live on the HUBZones as employee

USO Metropolitan Washington

· Fine-tuned concept “Operation USO Care Package” for Elaine Rogers, President, USO Metro, pre-9-1-1

· Prototype of concept sponsored by Anheiser Busch, Hershey Corporation, recognized by MAJ. Gen D. James Bryan (Ret.) DISA, Secretary of Defense William Cohen

Government Micro Resources, Inc, a PC Mall Company in Manassas, VA
Federal Business Architect, CSA II

· Responsibilities included working with Federal agencies, both Military and Civilian; Requirements Analysis for GMR's Network Management Division

· Responsible for Business Analyst strategy

· Duties included: ESM overview and recommendation, messaging migration in Microsoft, Lotus and Groupwise (Novell) arenas; Knowledge Management, Y2K

· GMR successful in 250% ROI first 90 days of inception to customers using ESM strategy

· Duties included developing and maintaining strategic capacity with corporations (as Primes) such as SAIC, TRW, IBM, Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Hughes, Para Protect, Telos, CSC, CACI for GMR, Inc. and GMR's 8(a) subsidiary, T3 Corporation

Director of Marketing, Information Systems and Services (IS&S) Division at L-3 Communications TITAN Systems (SEMCOR, INC.) in Corporate Headquarters, Mt. Laurel, NJ

· Acted as Information Systems and Services' "front-end" Manager for all TITAN/SEMCOR's accounts in both Federal and Commercial Divisions

· Potential customers in Fortune 50-100-500 companies, including Independence Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Glaxo-Wellcome, Rhone-Poulenc, Merck Medico, DuPont

· Set-up for POAM and full Requirements Analysis consulting for all IS&S engagements

· As part of IS&S team contributed up to $10M in revenues generated in just over three years

· As Trainer/Instructor trained BUPERS US Naval personnel in 1996-97) Lotus Authorized Education Center

Education and Proficiencies

· English (Communications), University of Illinois

· Capture Management, “Price to Win”, Proposal Management, Oral Proposal Management (Shipley Certified)

· Dale Carnegie Courses (Sales and Public Speaking/Graduate Instructor)

· Strategic Selling, Miller Heiman

· ''Seven Ways'' (Covey)

· "Advanced Project Management" / GMU Project Management program

· Technical training or knowledge in

All MS packages: Share point, excel, word, Power Point, Outlook; Adobe, Lotus Notes, SUN, CA, Remedy: Social Media Expert

Professional Affiliations




· AFCEA NOVA Chairperson Publicity (2004-2005)

· KM Communities of Practice Users Group American Management Association

· GSA Federal Government affiliation

· DC Webmasters Group, Washington, DC

· Women in Defense (Current Chair, Programs and Events, Ft. Belvoir Chapter)

· Society of Singers (Board of Directors, 1999-2001)

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